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    Monroe County School District uses digital flyer delivery as part of its efforts to be more environmentally friendly and to embrace innovative technology. Using the Peachjar eflyer program, eflyers are sent directly to parents’ email inboxes as well as posted on school websites for easy access. 

    Schools will save paper and reduce copy costs by thousands of dollars and paperless delivery of school flyers removes a significant administrative burden from teachers, office staff, and volunteers. School and school district-approved eflyers will keep parents informed about upcoming school activities, programs, and events.

    Families eFlyer Info

    Monroe County Schools use an electronic flyer communication and delivery tool called “Peachjar”.
    This “green” initiative saves our community partners and schools tons of paper and reduces copy costs by thousands of dollars. In addition, posting school flyers in this electronic backpack removes a significant administrative burden from teachers, office staff, and volunteers. You will receive electronic flyers from your child’s school only once per week.
    No action is required on your part, provided you have kept your email contact information updated with your child's school. You will receive a welcome email from our service provider (Peachjar) that includes a username and password. This is provided to give you the opportunity to manage your account and flyer delivery preferences. You do not need to login to receive or view school eflyers but you must login in order to “opt-out” of this delivery service. Please keep in mind that this electronic method of school flyer delivery replaces all paper distribution of flyers at your child’s school. By opting out, you may miss pertinent information pertaining to your child and other school events.
    This system is used exclusively for distribution of school-approved flyers. Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose.
    To view school-approved eflyers, simply click the Peachjar link under "Community" in your school website main menu. We also suggest you add to your email contacts. When you receive your first eflyer, be sure to click “always display images.”

    Community Flyer Policy

    Peachjar's Community Flyer posting policy was created to allow local community organizations to distribute their digital flyers to nearby schools at no cost when promoting a free event or activity that does not encourage participants to join a fee-based program, or include the opportunity to purchase products, services, or food and beverages. To ensure flyers are relevant to all parents and to decrease approval requests received by districts, Peachjar limits organizations using Community Free flyer distribution to one posting every 30 days for up to 25 schools.

    Local community organizations can continue to promote various free programs by consolidating their flyers into a single, multi-page flyer. Also, organizations such as cities can have multiple Community Free accounts that are department-specific, and create Community Free accounts for their local branches (e.g. libraries).

    Organizations interested in requesting a Community Free account must contact Peachjar directly by phone, “Contact Us” web request, or via online chat. Upon receipt of the request, Peachjar will ask the organization to provide the following information that is used to evaluate its qualification for a Community Free account.

    • To which school district(s) do you wish to distribute your flyer?
    • What is the exact number of schools to which you wish to distribute your flyer?
    • Are all events you distribute flyers about free, or do some encourage payment of future fees, have paid services, or include vendor participation? (Some organizations may need both a standard paid account and a Community Free account to meet their needs.)
    • What is the email address associated to your Peachjar account?
    • Please provide a copy of your flyer for review.

    Requests for exceptions to this policy will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Peachjar reserves the exclusive right to make all determinations regarding the acceptance of each Community Free flyer posting request, and the authorization of each organization requesting a Community Free account.

    For additional information about our Community Free program, please contact Peachjar at 877-402-1786 or email

    Policies for flyer approval

    Any request from civic institutions, charitable organizations, religious groups or institutions, or special interest groups which involve such activities as patriotic functions, contests, exhibits, sales of products to and by students, sending promotional materials home with students, graduation prizes, fund-raising, and free teaching materials must be carefully reviewed to ensure that such activities promote student interests.
    It is the policy of the School Board that students, staff members, and district facilities not be used for promoting the interests of any nonschool agency or organization, public or private, without the approval of the Superintendent. Furthermore, it is the policy of the Board that any such approval, granted for whatever cause or group, shall not be construed as an endorsement of said cause or group by this Board.
    Pursuant to State law, a person or group may not accept a donation of public funds from the District, or any person acting on behalf of the District, for a political advertisement or electioneering communication concerning an issue, referendum, or amendment, including any State question, that is subject to a vote of the electors.

    A. Political Interests

    All materials or activities proposed by outside political sources for student or staff use or participation shall be reviewed by the Superintendent and no such approval shall have the primary purpose of advancing the special interest of the proposing group.

    The Board shall not permit the use of any type of educational material, program, or equipment in its curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular activities or at any time during the school day if such materials, programs, or equipment contain partisan political or commercial messages. Instructional staff may, however, utilize political materials or those provided by special interest groups to supplement adopted courses of study with the approval of the principal.

    School facilities or equipment may not be used as a means of producing or disseminating to the community any materials that advertise or promote a political party, a political cause or the candidacy of an individual for public office. Students and employees of the Board shall not be used to distribute campaign literature within the schools or on school grounds.

    B. Contests/Exhibits

    The Board recognizes that contests, exhibits, and the like may benefit individual students or the District as a whole, but participation in such special activities may not:

    1. have the primary effect of advancing a special product, group, or company;
    2. make unreasonable demands upon the time and energies of staff or students or upon the resources of the District;
    3. involve any direct cost to the District
    4. interrupt the regular school program unless the student body as a whole derives benefit from such activities;

    C. Distribution/Posting of Literature

    No outside organization or staff member or student representing an outside organization may distribute or post literature on that organization's behalf on district property either during or after school hours without the permission and prior review of the Superintendent.

    The Superintendent shall establish criteria to be used to make a decision whether or not to permit the distribution or posting of materials by students and shall establish and clearly communicate the time, place, and manner restrictions concerning the distribution of all nonschool-related materials.

    F.S. 1013.10    Revised 2/23/10    Revised 9/23/14    © Neola 2013