Forms Management

    Forms Management

    Form Title
    Administration Department Forms
    ADM 30 Day Exemption Letter - 2013-14 ADM015  
    ADM Accepting Legal Responsibility (rev.7/26/11) ADM008
    ADM Accepting Legal Responsibility (Spanish)  
    ADM Board Rationale Digital Signatures and Routing 2016-17 (Available via Granicus) ADM018  
    ADM Board Rationale ONLY Digital Signatures 2017 - 2018 (Available via Granicus) ADM018    
    ADM Consent Form for Medical Treatment ADM002
    ADM Consent Form for Medical Treatment (Spanish)
    ADM Consent Form for Medical Treatment (Haitian/Creole) (rev.8/13/15)    
    ADM District Cell Phone Policy ADM019  
    ADM District Registration Form  (rev.11/22/13) ADM009
    ADM  District Registration Form  (French rev 1/8/14)       
    ADM End of Year Check Out List    
    ADM Field Trip Medical Consent (rev.10/28/09) ADM004
    ADM  Field Trip Medical Consent Spanish (rev.10/28/09)  
    ADM Field Trip Permission Form (English / Spanish) ADM003
    ADM  Field Trip Permission Form  (Haitian/Creole)    
    ADM Fundraising Request (rev. 4/25/11) ADM016
    ADM Home Language Survey -
     English/Creole (rev.10/28/15)
    ADM  Home Language Survey -
     English/French (rev.10/28/15)
    ADM  Home Language Survey -
     English/Spanish (rev.10/28/15)
    ADM Intent to Remain Form (rev.2/13/18) ADM014  
    ADM Liability Release/Permission (4/22/10) ADM017
    ADM Parent Consent for Guardianship (rev.7/26/11) ADM007
    ADM  Parent Consent for Guardianship (Spanish)
    ADM Permission for Administration of Medicine ADM012
    ADM School Choice Application (rev. 2/13/18) ADM013
    ADM Student Residency Questionnaire (English) (rev. 6/7/16) IS-012.0  
    ADM  Student Residency Questionnaire (Spanish) (rev. 6/7/16) IS-012.1  
    ADM  Student Residency Questionnaire (Haitian/Creole) (rev. 6/7/16) IS-012.2  
    ADM  Student Withdraw Survey ADM005
    ADM Teacher Subs - $20 Request Form ADM010
    ADM Travel in Private Vehicles ADM011
    ADM UTM Pool Days Form ADM001
    Finance Department Forms
    FI Travel Voucher Procedures   
    FI Travel Voucher  (rev. 7/1/18) FI001
    FI Monthly Itinerary Log Form (rev. 7/1/18) FI002     
    FI Monthly Itinerary Log Chart          
    FI New Project Request Form (5/4/17) FI003
    FI Budget Amendment Form (9/28/12) FI006  
    FI Vendor Forms (rev. 5/22/17) FI007  
    FI Refund Form FI008  
    Human Resources Department Forms
    HR Attendance Incentive Form HR017
    HR Binder Form Administrative (revised 10/11/16) HR031  
    HR Binder Form Support Staff (updated 5/9/17) HR030  
    HR Evaluation Form: Clerical and Paraprofessional Personnel (updated 5/23/16) HR022
    HR Evaluation Form: District Administrators (updated 6/28/16) HR034
    HR Evaluation Form: District-Level Leadership HR033   
    HR Evaluation Form: Substitute (revised 10/27/15) HR027
    HR Evaluation Form: Support Related Personnel HR013
    HR Exhibit A (updated 2/28/17) HR002
    HR Harassment Discrimination Complaint  (updated 5/11/16) HR004
    HR Harassment Discrimination Policy (revised 10/23/15) HR005
    HR Harassment Discrimination Policy Form  (revised 10/15/15) HR006
    HR Harassment Discrimination Policy Form-Spanish (revised 10/23/15) HR007
    HR HR Request Template (version 3.2 - updated 12/12/16) HR025  
    HR LEAVE: Application for Medical Leave  (rev. 9/14/12) HR001
    HR LEAVE: Application for Donation of Sick Leave HR019  
    HR LEAVE: Request for Leave/TDE (rev 4/13/17) HR011  
    HR Nepotism Acknowledgment Form (revised 8/2/16) HR029
    HR New and Beginning Teacher Observation/Evaluation Reporting Form (updated 12/15/16) HR028
    HR Reasonable Suspicion HR010
    HR Reimbursement Form for Courses, Testing Fees  (updated 6/6/17) HR018  
    HR Summer School Employment Application 2013-14 (updated 4/17/14) HR021
    HR Teacher Annual Assessment Form HR015
    HR Teacher Substitute HR016
    HR Verification of Former Employment (updated 8/28/15) HR020  
    HR Verification - Years of Instructional Experience (revised 5/17/17) HR024  
    HR Verification - Years of Non-Instructional Experience (revised 5/17/17) HR023  
    HR Payroll Form Certification HR032  
    IT Department Forms
    IT Acceptable Use - Employee (updated 5/11/2011) IT001
    IT Acceptable Use - Guest  (updated 5/11/2011) IT003     
    IT Acceptable Use - Student (updated 8/29/2014) IT002
      Acceptable Use - Student
    ***** Spanish Version  (updated 10/6/2014)
    IT Application for Wireless Communication Device IT013
    IT Focus SIS Access Form  (updated 8/26/2016) IT014
    IT Instructional TV Broadcast Form IT008
    IT Laptop Use and Security IT004
    IT Password Policy IT009
    Personnel Department Forms
    PS Student Accident Report (added 9/30/09) PS001
    PS Injury in the Line of Duty (rev 2/21/13) PS002
    Property Control Forms
    PROP Acquisition by Donation (rev 06/2014) PUR004
    PROP Inventory Instructions (rev 06/2014) PUR007
    PROP Non-Cap Inventory Form (rev 06/2014) PUR006
    PROP Property Transfer/Removal Form (rev 10/2016) PUR001
    PROP Property Control - Donation (rev 06/2014) PUR002
    PROP Property Addition Form (rev 06/2014) PUR003
    Instructional Services Department Forms
    IS Primary Bullying Report IS001
    IS Primary Bullying Report - Spanish IS001.1
    IS Primary Bullying Report - Creole IS001.2
    IS Secondary Bullying Report IS002
    IS Secondary Bullying Report - Spanish IS002.1
    IS Secondary Bullying Report - Creole IS002.2
    IS Anonymous Bullying Report IS013
    IS Anonymous Bullying Report - Spanish IS013.1
    IS Anonymous Bullying Report - Creole IS013.2
    IS Administrative Checklist IS003
    IS Bullying Receipt (rev 12/5/2013) IS004
    IS Witness Interview IS005
    IS Alleged Aggressor's Interview IS006
    IS Administrator's Finding IS007
    IS Action Plan for Victim IS008
    IS Action Plan for Aggressor IS009
    IS Data Entry Form for Bullying IS010
    IS Statement of Bonafide Residence IS011