• Marathon High School’s CCAP program is part of the general guidance program. It is available to assist students and parents in college and career planning. Through meetings with individuals, classroom presentations and evening events, students and parents are informed about educational options, about the future job market, projected incomes related to levels of education, and educational requirements for different kinds of careers. 

     Topics of discussion will include college admissions, grade point average and testing requirements, and the correlation between enrollment in challenging high school classes and higher college graduation rates. Students and parents will be educated about Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarship program requirements and financial value. Federal financial aid and other scholarship programs will also be covered. Each year’s available scholarships are posted on the CCAP website, along with a variety of other informational links.

     The CCAP office also plans and coordinates guest speakers and college fairs, and provides information and registration for college entrance exams (the SAT/ACT/PERT exams).  Students who are interested in the Armed Forces as a career opportunity will be introduced to the appropriate recruiter for more information. Students are also individually guided in basic decisions bearing on high school completion, including how those decisions will impact post-secondary educational and career opportunities.

    Dr. Sympson is the high school/college/career counselor and can be contacted at 305-289-2480 X55310 or Kathy.sympson@keysschools.com. Ms. Butcher is the 6-9 counselor and can be contacted at 305-289-2480 x55311 or Kristen.butcher@keysschools.com. We are happy to meet with students and parents for individual consultations.