No bare midriff tops are permitted. Shirts and tops must extend over the waist; no skin may be exposed at the belly/waist line. Shoulder straps on garments must be at least 3 inches wide.
           Underwear, boxers, or bras without complete covering are prohibited. Sagging pants that expose underwear are not allowed. All pants must be worn at the waist.
           All shorts, dresses, or skirts should be mid thigh.
           No head coverings of any kind are allowed in the classroom.
           Bandannas are not to be worn or displayed on campus or school activities.
           Sunglasses are not allowed in the classroom.
           Prohibited tops: strapless garments, tube tops, bare back tops, see through tops or garments, shirts tied at the midriff, one shoulder strap tops, and muscle shirts. Students may not wear clothing that is either revealing or provocative. No pajamas.
           All items that advertise or encourage the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco are prohibited.
           Belt or wallet chains are prohibited.
           Spandex leggings and biker shorts are prohibited at school.
           Students are prohibited from wearing attire that may be used as weapons, such as chain belts, wallet chains, and apparel with spikes.
           Clothing articles shall not convey messages (writing, pictures, symbols, or logo) that are crude, vulgar, obscene, gang-related, and sexually suggestive or other things deemed inappropriate for school.
    Students who violate the above rules will be in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and appropriate consequences will be taken.