Title III/English Learners

  • Supplementary Instructional Support for English Language Learners

    The purpose of the English Language Acquisition Grant is to ensure that students with limited English language proficiency attain English proficiency and master the same rigorous academic content and achievement standards as their English-speaking peers.

    Enhance Instructional Opportunities for Recently-Arrived Immigrant Children and Youth

    The purpose of the Enhanced Instructional Opportunities for Recently-Arrived Immigrant Children and Youth Grant is a supplemental grant to the English Language Acquisition Grant to assist immigrant students in understanding the US educational system and provide cultural support as they assimilate and become independent students.

    Both grants support students through supplementing the educational services already in place in MCSD, providing comprehensible instruction to students in all content areas, and providing a learning experience that will assist acculturation strategies to meet their cultural needs.

    MCSD English Language Learner Plan

    Please visit our MCSD VirtuEL  website for additional information and resources.

Parent Educators

  • Parent Educators

    Three Title I Parent Educators are available to assist K-12 parents communicate with school staff. They are on hand to help parents fill out school related forms or applications and translate at school meetings. They also help parents to utilize each school's Parent Resource Center. Each Parent Educator hosts at least two Parent Meetings specifically for parents whose native language is other than English. These employees are fluent in Haitian Creole and Spanish. 
    Gerald Adams Elementary School
    Marie Brevil - Marie.Brevil@KeysSchools.com 
    Monday-Tuesday, Friday
    Horace O'Bryant School
    Ileana Garcia - Ileana.Garcia@KeysSchools.com
    Monday, Wednesday-Thursday
    Horace O'Bryant School
    Marie Brevil - Marie.Brevil@KeysSchools.com 

    Key West High School
    Ileana Garcia - Ileana.Garcia@KeysSchools.com
    Tuesday & Friday

Program Coordinator

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