MOVE Program

  • Community Internship Program:

    Monroe Occupation and Vocational Experiences (MOVE)

    What is the MOVE Community Internship Program?

    • A partnership between the MCSD and community businesses to provide career training for high school students interested in entering the workforce after graduation.
    • Paid (subsidized), on-the-job training, combined with related instruction, which results in the intern attaining the occupational and academic mastery necessary to be career-ready.
    • A strong pipeline between schools and community businesses ensuring that students are career-ready and employers have a workforce that meets their needs.

    What are the benefits?

    As a MCSD Community Internship sponsor you will:

    • Attract interested, qualified, career-oriented applicants in your area of need,
    • Train students before they enter the workforce, reducing the cost of training new employees and employee turnover, and
    • Establish a partnership between your company and the MCSD.

    What are your obligations?

    As a MCSD Community Internship sponsor you are expected to:

    • Hire an intern at the agreed upon salary and employment terms,
    • Provide appropriate supervision by a qualified employee that will provide job-related instruction and guidance,
    • Verify the intern’s record of completed internship hours,
    • Complete a short quarterly evaluation of the intern during their employment, and
    • Consider the intern for permanent employment after graduation if applicable.