Non-Attendance and Truancy Portfolio Reviews

  • Non-Attendance and Truancy Portfolio Reviews

    According to F.S., 1003.26, students who exhibit a pattern of nonattendance in public schools and enroll in home education as a means of meeting the compulsory school attendance law must be informed of and satisfy specific requirements. 

    • When a student with a pattern of non-attendance enrolls in Home Education, the parent/guardian will:
      • Receive a copy of the home education law, F.S. 1002.41, and the accountability requirements of the truancy law, F.S. 1003.26(1)(f); and
      • Be referred to a home education review committee.
    • The home education review committee will review the student's portfolio every 30 days until the committee is satisfied the home education program is in compliance.
      • If the parent/guardian fails to provide a portfolio to the committee, the District will terminate their child's home education program.
      • Once terminated, the parent/guardian has three (3) days to enroll the child in a traditional public, private, or charter school.
      • Failure to enroll the child in one of the attendance options listed above will constitute non-compliance with compulsory attendance requirements and may result in criminal prosecution under F.S.1003.27(2).
      • Additionally, the child cannot be re-enrolled in a home education program for 180 calendar days.