State Assessment Information

  • You are required by section 1002.41(1)(c), Florida Statutes to submit an annual evaluation of your student’s educational progress to the school district. The statute provides several options for completion of the annual evaluation.

    One of the options you may choose to meet this requirement is participation in the statewide assessment program. Click the link to see more information from the Florida Department of Education about this program.

    The statewide assessment program for 2023-2024 includes Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) English Language Arts (ELA) Reading and Math, Statewide Science Assessments, and End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments (specific middle and high school subject areas). Parents planning to have their child return to a public school for the next year and/or prior to high school graduation should remember that some assessments are  used for course placement and some assessments are graduation requirements.

    Please contact the Home Education Office with any questions.

    Registration for Assessments

    For information about how to register for assessments, or to obtain a current assessment calendar, please contact:

    Assessments: Best Tips and Practices

      • Find additional information on the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) website
      • Take a practice test ahead of time
      • For elementary students, parents need to have ID to present at the front office
      • Pencils, paper and calculators (if allowed) will be provided by the school
      • Test security is high - leave cell phones and smart watches at home!

    For Parents - Ensure your child:

    • Takes the practice tests on the FLDOE website
    • Gets a good night's sleep
    • Eats a good breakfast
    • Arrives at the test site on time (or earlier!)

    For Students:

      • Read questions thoroughly
      • Examine every answer choice
      • Look for clue words
      • Get a good night's rest
      • Relax and take a breath if you get stuck