High School Completion

  • Students registering as Home School, Private School, Charter School, or earning a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma and not enrolled in a Monroe County School District Public High School or the MCSD Performance Based Exit Option Program at a public MCSD High School may NOT participate in any graduation ceremonies or other senior activities at those zoned high schools.

    Also, there is no diploma issued by the public school system in Florida for the completion of a home education program. A signed affidavit of completion (notarized letter) submitted by the student’s parent attesting that the student has completed a home education program is the legal document of completion. This document of completion is equivalent to a high school diploma and is regularly accepted by state colleges and universities as proof of high school completion. It can be included on a student’s academic transcript or parent-issued diploma.

    While not required, some students elect to culminate their home education program by taking the General Educational Development (GED) test. A student is issued a diploma from the Department of Education upon passage of the GED. The toll-free number for information pertaining to the GED is 1-800-237-5113.