• Key West High School Approved Fundraisers
    • New fundraisers will be added as they are approved throughout the year.
    • All monies must be deposited into the Key West High School internal accounts. 
    • All checks are to be made out to Key West High School with the Memo Line containing the Club/Organization Name and Account Number. 
    • Please contact the group sponsor for questions about their fundraiser or the office manager at      293-1549 ext. 54303.
    Club /Activity Sponsor Fundraising Event Date of Event (From & To)
    Sponsor Fundraising Event Date of Event (From & To)

    Cheer Freeman Cheer Calendar 6/27-9/1/2016
    Band Hernandez Volunteers @ Casa Marina Resort 7/4/2016
    Band Hernandez Sponsorship & Concert Recognition 7/8/16-6/12/2017
    Band Bricks Hernandez Commemorative Courtyard Bricks 7/8/16-6/12/2017
    Athletics Jackson Banner Sponsors for Fields 7/18/16-3/10/2017
    Conchettes Macy's Guzman Car Wash @ Truman /White Chevron 7/23/2016
    Conchettes Guzman Deserts @ 551 Conch Reunion 8/12/2016
    Class of 2017 Valeski Class T Shirts 8/12/2016-5/2017
    Band Hernandez Tag Day @Kmart,Wdixie,Publix, Faustos 8/27/2016
    Student Council Kinnune Fan Cloth Fundraiser 8/12-9/14/2016
    Various KWHS Sheer Proceeds Gas Pump (Circle K-3032 NRBlvd 8/18/16-5/31/2017
    Volleyball Butler Donations Volleyball expenses 8/20-10/31/2016
    Football John Hughes Football Season Tickets 8/22-11/19/2016
    Cheer Freeman Football Season Tickets 8/22-11/19/2016
    Band Hernandez Season FB Tickets sales 8/23-9/19/2016
    Cheer Freeman FB Ribbons @ FB Games 8/24-11/19/2016
    Football John Hughes FB Concession 8/26-11/19/2016
    Swim Wise Souvenir Stand @ home FB Games 8/26/2016 - 11/19/2016
    Girls Soccer Paul Booth @ Athletic games 8/26/16-6/1/2017
    Band Hernandez Parking @ FKAA 8/26-11/19/2016
    Band Hernandez Popcorn @ Home FB Games 8/26-11/19/2016
    Cheer Freeman FB Concession 8/26-27/2016
    School Pictures Sheer School Pictures 2016-17 8/26-10/14/2016
    Conchettes Guzman Football Season Tickets 8/30-9/16/2016
    Conchettes Macy's Guzman Tag Day 9/3/2016
    Volleyball Butler Bake Sale Blue Macow, Whitehead Street 9/4/2016
    Volleyball Butler VB Sponsor Pictures 9/4-10/30/2016
    Athletics Jackson Csalt t shirts 9/6-3/31/2017
    Volleyball Butler Concession @ Volleyball home games 9/8-10/13/2016
    Conchettes Macy's Guzman Mangia Mangia 9/12/2016
    Athletics Jackson  Sell T Shirts 9/12/16-5/26/2017
    Baseball Henriquez Car wash @ KWHS 9/16-11/12/2016
    Conchettes Guzman Concession @ Football game 9/16/2016
    Class of 2017 Valeski Fantasy Fest Parking 9/16-10/312016
    Track Ridenour Concession @ FB game 9/23/2016
    Conchettes  Macy's Guzman Krispy Kreme 9/26-10/17/2016
    Band Hernandez Children's Day T Shirts 9/26-11/01/2016
    French Club Palay Crepes after school 10/15/16-5/15/2017
    Tennis Jeffrey Concession @ Football Game 10/7/2016
    Class of 2020 Bowman Sell Cookies after School 10/7-12/22/2016
    Boys Basketball Brown Gym Banners 10/10/16-4/1/2017
    Boys Basketball Brown Donations/Sponsorships 10/10/16-01/01/2017
    Boys Basketball Brown Sell Tickets Miami Heat Game 10/10/16-01/23/2017
    Culinary Class Bowman Goombay festival - Key lime cookies 10/21-22/2016
    Girls Basketball McLeod Car Wash @ KWHS 10/22-24/2016
    Girls Basketball McLeod Concession @ home  Games 10/24/16-01/31/2017
    Class of 2019 S Smith Class T Shirts 10/24-28/2016
    Class of 2019 S Smith Mangia Mangia benefit 10/25/2016
    Class of 2019 S Smith Sell Halloween Grams 10/24-31/2016
    Class of 2017 Valeski Parking for Fantasy Fest 10/28-31/2016
    Girls Basketball McLeod Park cars @ Jackson Square 1028-29/2016
    Conchettes Guzman Tacos in a Bag/C Day 10/30/2016
    Cheer Freeman Food Booth @ Children's Day 10/30/2016
    Class of 2019 S Smith Ride @ Children's Day 10/30/2016
    Softball Garcia Ride @ Children's Day 10/30/2016
    Marine Science Club Lara Games & bake sale @ C Day 10/30/2016
    French Club Palay Pie in face @ Children's Day 10/30/2016
    Girls Basketball McLeod Ride @ Children's Day 10/31-11/1/2016
    Class of 2020 Bowman Booth @ Children's Day 10/30/2016
    French Club Palay Booth @ Children's Day 10/30/2016
    Forbus Hosa Class Forbus Booth @ Children's Day 10/30/2016
    Baseball Henriquez Booth @ Children's Day 10/30/2016
    Band Hernandez Children's Day Concession Stand 10/30/2016
    BETA Culiver Children's Day Bean Bag Toss 10/30/2016
    Anime Club Palm Bake & Jewelry sales 11/1/2016
    Wakeboard & Art Clubs S Perkins Candy Corn Candy Grams 11/2-18/2016
    Wakeboard & Art Clubs S Perkins Candy Corn Candy Grams 11/2-18/2016
    Band Hernandez Concession @ Football game 11/4/2016
    GSA Club (Scholarship) M Stauffer Car Wash @ KWHS 11/5/2016
    NHS Laubenstein Donations for Children's Miracle Network 11/7-15/2016
    Baseball Henriquez Car Wash @ KWHS 11/12/2016
    Class of 2017 Valeski Yankee Candle.com Online 11/15/16-01/11/2017
    Wakeboard & Art Club S Perkins Candy Cane Candy Grams 12/1-21/2016
    Wakeboard & Art Club S Perkins Candy Cane Candy Grams 12/1-21/2016
      Alghrary Fashion Show  @ KWH Auditorium 5/7/2016