• conchs ath Athletics is an integral part of our Key West community.
    Our student athletes show their dedication and determination on the playing field and in the classroom. 
    Join us at our athletic events and see Conch Pride in action! 
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    GO CONCHS!    

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This Week in Conch Athletics

  • Athletic Forms for Key West High School Athletics

    Athletes and Parents – We are moving to an online clearance process through www.AthleticClearance.com. This will replace the hardcopy packets/clearance card system previously used. All required athletic forms must be completed online. This includes all students who have turned in forms via email, mail, or in person.

    Please be prepared with the following items to complete your submission:

    Athletic Clearance is accessed by following this link: www.AthleticClearance.com

    There is a video on the landing page to assist you.

    KWHS can assist any atthletes who have no access or need assistance throughout the process. Please contact the athletic office at 305-293-1549 ext. 54406 or contact Mr. Martin via email at justin.martin@keysschools.com. 

    Instructions for Online Athletic Clearance:

    1. Visit www.AthleticClearance.com and choose your state.
    2. Register. Parents register with a valid email username and password. You will be asked to type in a code to verify you are human. If this step is skipped your account will not activate. (If this step is skipped, please contact Athletic Clearance to activate your account)
    3. Login using your email address that you registered with.
    4. Select "Start Clearance Here" to start the process.
    5. Choose the School Year in which the student plans to partiicpate. Example: Football in Sept 2021 would be the 2021-2022 School Year.                                                                                             
    6. Choose the School at which the student attends and will compete for (Key West High School)
    7. Choose Sport
    8. Complete all required fields for Student Information, Educational History, Medical History and Signature Forms.
    9. Optional Donation to your athletic program.
    10. Once you reach the Confirmation Message you have completed the process.
    11. If you would like to register for additional sports/activities you may check off those sports below the Confirmation Message. Electronic signatures will be applied to the additional sports/activities.
    12. All of this data will be electronically filed with your school's athletic department for review. When the student has been cleared for participation, an email notification will be sent.

    Questions? Go to Support.AthleticClearance.com and submit a ticket.