• District Advisory Council

    The purpose of the District Advisory Council Meeting (DAC) is to advise the Superintendent with regard to the development and implementation of the District’s Strategic Plan and to serve as a major communication link between the district, the schools and the community.
    District Advisory Council meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at Marathon High School, Room 6207, located at 350 Sombrero Beach Rd, MM 50, Marathon, FL.
    Meetings will not be held on holidays and/or school breaks.
    In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, all persons who are disabled and need special accommodations to participate in these meetings because of that disability should contact the MCSD at 305-293-1400 ext. 53323 (TDD Number 293-1400 ext. 53331) 72 hours prior to the meeting. 


Agendas and Minutes

  • 2011
    Agendas and Minutes from meetings held during the 2011 calendar year
    Agendas and Minutes for meetings held during the 2012 calendar year
    Agendas and Minutes for meetings held during the 2013 calendar year
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  • Axford, Theresa (Director of Teaching & Learning)

    Email: Theresa.Axford@KeysSchools.com
    Monroe County School District Director of Teaching & Learning

    Ban, Zoraida (SSE - DAC Secretary)

    Email: Zoraida.Ban@KeysSchools.com
    Representing Stanley Switlik Elementary School

    Cabrera, Jocelyn (GAE)

    Email: Jocelyn.Cabrera@keysschools.com
    Representing Gerald Adams Elementary

    Conn, Mindy School (Board Member)

    Email: ascmac@aol.com
    Representing Sugarloaf School

    Dick, John (School Board Member)

    Home: 305-289-1553
    Email: John.Dick@KeysSchools.com
    School Board Member

    Eadie, Bob (Sigsbee Alternate )

    Home: 305-432-6161
    Email: eadie.bob@gmail.com
    Alternate - Sigsbee Charter

    Garr, Sarah (POI)

    Email: Sarah.Garr@KeysSchools.com
    Representing Poinciana Elementary School

    Gonzalez, Luis (MHS - Vice Chair)

    Email: Gonzalez617@comcast.net
    Representing Marathon High School, Vice-Chair

    Griffiths, Andy (School Board Member)

    Home: 305-296-2639
    Email: Andy.Griffiths@KeysSchools.com
    School Board Member

    Henriquez, Gaby (KWHS)

    Email: Gaby.Henriquez@KeysSchools.com
    Representing Key West High School

    Hummell-Gorman, Holly (UTM)

    Email: Holly.Hummell-Gorman@floridaea.org
    United Teachers of Monroe President

    Konrath, Greg (Marathon Comm)

    Marathon community member

    LaLonde-Miller, Lorie (CSHS - DAC Chair)

    Email: llalonde@bellsouth.net
    Representing Coral Shores HS

    Martin, Ron (School Board Member)

    Home: 305-890-6930
    Email: Ron.MartinSB@KeysSchools.com
    School Board Member

    McPherson, Christina (Director of Assessment)

    Business: 305-293-1400 x 53384
    Email: Christina.McPherson@KeysSchools.com
    Director of Assessment

    Momaly, Kym (GRA)

    Email: Kym.Momaly@KeysSchools.com
    Representing Glynn Archer Elementary

    Pellicier, Tiffany (Sigsbee Charter)

    Email: kwtiff@comcast.net
    Representing Sigsbee Charter School

    Porter, Mark (Superintendent)

    Email: Mark.Porter@KeysSchools.com
    Superintendent of Schools

    Roth, Joseph (PKS)

    Email: jroth@reganinsuranceinc.com
    Representing Plantation Key School

    Smith-Martin, Robin (School Board Member)

    Home: 305-890-6163
    Email: Robin.Smith-Martin@KeysSchools.com
    School Board Member

    Strunk, Jamie (Montessori Elementary)

    Email: jamiekeywest@hotmail.com
    Representing Montessori Elementary Charter

    Williams, Debbie (KLS)

    Home: 305-451-4649
    Email: debbieklfl@mindspring.com
    Representing Key Largo School