• Documents
    • Administration Building - Telephone Extensions
    • Controlled Open Enrollment - Controlled Open Enrollment is the school selection process for Monroe County Public Schools.  Parents have the opportunity to request a school other than the school in their designated attendance area, but only within their geographic region of the Upper Keys, Middle Keys, or Lower Keys.   Parents may also apply to the three charter schools in the district.
    • Cost Centers - Designated cost numbers for all departments and schools (updated 7/28/14)
    • Employee Handbook- Current version available on the Human Resources department page
    • Florida Education Equity Act - Annual  Update - Every school district in Florida is required to provide an annual update to the Florida Educational Equity Act (FEEA) Plan.  The update is a reporting tool that enables the District and the Florida Department of Education to monitor and ensure that provisions of the FEEA are adhered to and that educational resources are equitably distributed. (Board presentation June 12, 2012)
    • Job Descriptions - Job descriptions for Bargaining Unit and Non-Bargaining Unit positions are availalbe on the Human Resources web page. 
    • Master Inservice Plan - the intent of a Professional Development Program is to "promote continuous professional growth by providing inservice activities that combine theory and practice into meaningful training that is practical and useful in the classroom or on the job."  Most recent version is posted on the Professional Development website.
    • Salary Schedule - linked on Payroll webpage
    • School Board Agenda Item Rationale - Agenda Item Rationale for the 2015 -2016 School Year. 
    • School Health Services Plan - The School Health Advisory Council and the Monroe County Health Department worked cooperatively to create a health services plan for all students.
      (Board Approved - 9/13/2016)
    • School-Related Personnel Contract - Between Monroe County School District and United Teachers of Monroe - most recent version is available on the Human Resources web page.
    • School Times - Official beginning and ending of the school day for teachers and students at the school sites. (rev. 8/3/16)
    • Sick Leave Pool - Representatives from the Administration Team and United Teachers of Monroe met recently to review the Sick Leave Pool of both the Teachers and the Administration/Support Pools.   It was also decided that the Pools would have two open enrollment periods to allow employees two opportunities to enroll. (Letter of Understanding)
    • Social Security Disclosure Notice - Florida Statutes requires agencies to notify individuals of the purpose(s) that require the collection of Social Security numbers. (added 8/26/09)
    • Student Progression Plan - A web page containing all of the school district's academic guidelines and expectations. It is reviewed annually and modified to reflect our goals. State law requires all of Florida's 67 counties to develop and maintain a comprehensive program for pupil progression. The law was enacted by the Florida State Legislature as the Educational Accountability Act of 1976 to establish testing guidelines and standards to monitor and evaluate academic performance in reading, writing, science, and mathematics for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.
    • Testing Calendar - Quick Reference of the testing date ranges required by the state.  Most recent version is posted on the Accountability and Assessment website.
    • Teachers Contract - Between Monroe County School District and United Teachers of Monroe most recent version is available on the Human Resources web page.
    • Wellness Policy - The authority for this policy is the Child Nutrition and Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Reauthorization Act of 2004. (Board Approved - 5/22/2012)

    If you find documents on this page that are out of date or otherwise need updating, please contact the District Webmaster.