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    “The most favorable time for a child to learn is when they want to do it themselves.” ~ Maria Montessori


    Multi Age and Multi Grade Level Curriculum


    Multi-Age Classroom Benefits


    The various stages of development in children occur in approximately three-year cycles. That is why at Treasure Village Montessori, (TVM), classrooms consist of multiple-year age groups. Most educators agree that younger children learn well from older children, and older children learn, in part, by teaching younger children. Multi-age classrooms are practiced from grades K-1 through middle school.


    Read more about Treasure Village Montessori's Academics featuring a dual curriculum and philosophy of multi-age and multi-grade level classrooms on our Considering TVM page.

    Treasure Village Montessori’s namesake; Maria Montessori
    Montessori designed classrooms include comfortable surroundings in which to learn



    Treasure Village Montessori utilizes the technology of desktop computers, laptops, and SMART Boards in a variety of stimulating ways. Students have access to the Technology Computer Lab to learn, develop, apply, and embrace Technology. One great technological tool for Montessori students is Study Island. StudyIsland.com is a web-based Florida Sunshine State Standards Curriculum—designed for students from 2nd grade and up—which faculty use to assign students and class assignments.


    SMART Boards, available in most classrooms, (think wall-sized computers) combine the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. Interactive computer "whiteboards" these SMART Boards offer dynamic lessons, at the teachers' fingertips.


    K to the 8th Power is the program utilized at TVM which combines enables lead teachers the ability to incorporate computer skills into every aspect of the day, while also covering all subjects and standards. In this way, students in grades 4 through 8 are able to learn necessary skills and standards within the classroom, all day. Students in grades K-3 focus on typing skills, basic applications like Microsoft power point, word and excel.


    Field Trips

    Treasure Village Montessori’s namesake; Maria Montessori
    The Computer Lab helps students embrace technology

    Let's go! Field trips on a monthly basis act as an extension to the classrooms and the curriculum. Every classroom schedules monthly trips that explore an important aspect of their studies. These trips extend from Key West to Miami, an area abounding with interesting resources. Starting in 3rd grade, students look forward to yearly overnight trips in addition to these day trips that will further complement their studies.


    Funding: Students raise funds to cover the cost of these trips and/ or parents elect for a payment plan, to be paid throughout the school year. We create interesting and full itineraries for these trips that include historical facets that connect to their grade level studies as well as sporting events and cultural activities. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Montessori school field trip experiences are one-of-a-kind and offer parents the ability to observe their children and their friends in a host of unique environments.


    Our Treasure Village Montessori newsletters notify parents of the field trip schedule and any associated costs involved as well as detailed information about each excursion.


    Less-Sugar Lunches


    Lunch is used as a catalyst for discussion about nutrition, food pyramid and related conversations relevant to health and wellness. To support this endeavor, TVM institutes a "no sugar"- or a decidedly LESS sugar policy. This policy is used as a guideline for parents and students indicating that food/beverages brought to school may not have sugar in the first three ingredients. The complete lunch program is outlined on our Info for Students page.




    Before Care


    Before Care is provided from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM and is free of charge to support parents and to motivate students to arrive on time, to allow for social or physical activity (for VPK - 3rd grade, on the playground), and study hall for middle school students. The Before Care program enables students an easier on time transition into the school day. TVM's school day

    Treasure Village Montessori’s namesake; Maria Montessori
    Students flip for P.E. at Founder’s Park
    begins promptly at 8:30 AM.



    After School Adventures


    In the afternoon, TVM offers after school adventures for students in VPK-5th grades from 3:30 until 6:00 PM. Certified
    teachers—utilizing a variety of subject areas including cooking, cultural, science and physical activities—captain this program. A schedule of events is provided monthly and posted on the After Care Adventures bulletin board.


    There are three available plans that may be changed at monthly intervals, offering flexibility based on parents' needs.


    Plan A - $100.00 per month; from 3:30PM until 4:30PM. This plan includes snack and the daily scheduled activity.
    Plan B - $200.00 per month; from 3:30PM until 6:00PM. This plan includes snack, the daily activity, an hour of academic study hall and a half hour on the playground.
    Plan C - Occasional Care; is designed for unforeseen emergencies. It is available, with permission, at a cost of $20.00 per day. This applies any time after 3:30 PM daily or after 12:00 PM on early release days.


    Sibling students' rate is reduced. Please feel free to contact our Finance Director  Ms.  Lori for more information.


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