• For emergency information, KWHS will communicate using our Blackboard Connect call out system, so parents are urged to ensure up to date phone information is on file.  You can contact the office at 305-293-1549 or email Roslyn.Anderson@keysschools.com  to change contact information.


    You can also check our Key West High School Athletics and Activities Facebook page for immediate information during an emergency.


    We ask families to not come to the school upon hearing about a situation and to check our informational outlets for accurate information on the next steps.  Parents should also discuss possibilities with their children regarding communication during an emergency.  If the emergency is a lock down or evacuation, students will be asked to remain with their teachers until the situation is cleared. 


    Active Threat Presentation

    All students and staff were presented with information regarding an active threat.  Parents, please take the time to look over this important information that is beneficial to our students as well as to parents. 

    Prezantasyon menas aktif la disponib pou elèv nan sit entènèt nou an nan keysschools.com/kwhs. Tanpri pran yon ti tan pou gade sou enfòmasyon enpòtan sa ki benefisye pou elèv nou yo epi pou paran yo tou.