• Scholarships and Financial Aid for College
    For all information about Pell Grants, student loans and other financial aid, go to: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/ There are several “How to” videos you may access here.

    https://www.raise.me/ All students should create an account on raise.me -Scholarships are available for many types of student activities and achievements from 9-12th grade.
    https://www.keysschools.com/cshs- look to the left in green under “Senior Information”, then select “Senior Scholarships”.  Local community scholarships are available starting in February. Students are required to fill out applications and send directly to the sponsoring scholarship organization. Watch for deadline dates!--These local scholarships are awarded the night before Graduation at Senior Award’s Night.
    Bright Futures Registration Steps:(after December 1st)
    1. Go online to www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org
    2. In the left blue box, go to: “Scholarships, loans and grants”
    3. Select “Apply Now”, then “Student application”
    4. In the bottom rectangle, click:  “Proceed to application”

    College Financial Aid Power Point. Click Here

    2017-18 SAT test dates

    Register online at: collegeboard.com

    Test date:              Register by:      Late Registration (add $25)

    Aug. 26                    July 28                 Aug.15

    Oct. 7                       Sept. 8                 Sept. 27 

    Nov.4                        Oct. 5                 Oct.25

    Dec.2                        Nov. 2                 Nov. 21

    Mar 10                     Feb 9                   Feb. 28  

    May 5                      Apr. 6                   April 25_



                                     2017-18 ACT test dates

                                         Register online at: act.org

    Test date:          Register by:      Late Registration (add $25)

    Sept. 9               Aug. 4                   Aug. 18

    Oct. 28               Sep 22                  Nov 17

    Feb 10                Jan 12                   Jan 19

    Apr 14                Mar 9                    Mar 23

     ***ACT tests are available but NOT at Coral Shores on:

    Jun 9                  May 4                   May 18

    Jul 14                 Jun 15                  Jun 22


    College Applications Checklist


    1. Apply ONLINE. On each college’s website look for “freshman” or “undergraduate admissions” , then look for APPLY ONLINE


    1. A. Fill out “transcript request form”  ($5.00 per transcript)   

                        B.  Give to the bookkeeper in the main office. ( Please allow
                         up to 1 week to have  transcripts sent!)plan ahead-
                        C.  Transcripts will be sent electronically to in- state  colleges
                       D. Transcripts are NOT sent to University of Florida or
                        Florida State University or college’s using the CommonApp.
                        For UF and FSU- Use SAR Report instead---(you will need an unofficial transcript for  this part of the application.)

    1. If you have dual-enrollment courses from FKCC, you will need to get separate transcripts directly from fkcc.edu.  They are $10.00 each.

    (FKCC mails these transcripts directly to each college)

    1. Request SAT and ACT test scores be sent directly from testing agency to colleges if you did not already when registering for test.  

      Go to:  collegeboard.com     or      act.org

    1. AP test scores will also need to be sent directly to the college you choose to attend at the end of the year, or when all of your AP testing is completed. Request score reports from collegeboard.com


    1. For Florida PUBLIC colleges you will need a Residency Classification Form to prove you are an in-state resident. This must be completed by a parent.


    1. Check application status to see if there is anything missing or if the college has made a decision!- (Most colleges take at least 8 weeks to process an application.)