Remembering Grace Key Willis

  • Grace Key Willis

    From the dedication of the Exceptional Student Education wing at Gerald Adams School

    Grace’s Words: “Man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind.”

    On this day, the Gerald Adam’s Family dedicates this wing to Grace Key Willis in honor of her outstanding devotion to the children of Monroe County. In her twenty-nine years of distinguished service to students as a teacher and assistant principal., she created social change and raised awareness of all. She was an advocate for students with disabilities and a champion in raising public awareness by creating the mindset of “differently-abled”, not disabled.

    Grace Key Willis provided leadership during nine years of service as the Assistant Principal of Gerald Adams Elementary School which resulted in steady improvement for all students and helped lead the school to an unprecedented “A” in Florida State Grading System.

    Grace Key Willis was exceptionally effective in instituting and developing the concept of the Inclusive Classroom at Gerald Adams School and bringing our school to district and state recognition as an exemplary program serving students with disabilities.

    Grace Key Willis was recognized by her peers as Teacher of the Year, District Teacher of the Year and recommended to be the Principal of Gerald Adams School.
    With our continued love and admiration, we the faculty and students of Gerald Adams Elementary School, hereby dedicate the Exceptional Student Education Wing to the memory of our beloved friend.
    Dedicated June 8, 2010