Dear Parents:
    I am very excited to be your school counselor again this year. I want to thank all of you for the many successes we had last year working together. We are going to build on those this year. I will be introducing some new friends to your children this year through our Character Education Program. Kelso and Lilly will be helping me to bring weekly lessons to your students. These frogs and their friends at the pond will be teaching us all year long. 
    Each month this year will be focusing on a different character trait. Students will be recognized monthly for exhibiting these traits in their classroom. I hope to see many of you as we celebrate your student’s success.
    We will continue to provide programs that promote safety, as well. We are a Speak Up Be Safe school for the second year. This program will assist with keeping your children safe at school, at home, and while using technology.
    You will find the Counselor's Corner link below reviews all the services that I am currently offering. Many students have concerns and can benefit from the opportunity to discuss their feelings about these concerns within an individual or group counseling setting.  Topics that are often discussed during these sessions are promoting a more positive self-image, developing good study habits, strengthening decision making skills, coping with loss, or discussions relating to divorce and separation. I am enthusiastic about offering these services and believe that they will be most beneficial to our students.
    Please feel free to contact me at any time with any question, concerns, or ways you can help us be successful here at Gerald Adams.
    Thank you!
    Alex Sorrentino MS, NCC, IMHC