Our Mission, Beliefs and Motto

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    Welcome to Key West High School, a school of diverse opportunities with high expectations where we strive for students to be the best they can be personally, academically, athletically and socially.


    To empower all students to maximize their potential and prepare them with the skills and experiences necessary to be college or career ready and to develop those character traits that will enable them to be productive members of society.


    We focus on R2D2: Respect, Responsibility, Dedication, Determination
    ·        Students are our priority and their learning opportunities are the central focus.
    ·        All students have the right to a safe and drug-free learning environment.
    ·        Parents, community members, agencies and the school work collaboratively to provide the support needed for each child to experience success.
    ·        Relationships are strengthened and perspectives are broadened through diversity and equity.
    ·        Teachers and administrators are leaders and innovators whose primary responsibility is to engage students in high quality learning experiences that result in student achievement.

         CONCH PRIDE - Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Excellence