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Mr. Mark Porter was surprised at the July 28th School Board meeting during the GEMS recognition portion of the meeting with a GEMS Award in recognition of his 8 years of service to the students, staff and community as Superintendent of Monroe County Schools. Mr. Porter was the first appointed Superintendent and had the second largest tenure. Mr. Porter was also recognized for other highlights during his tenure. Some of which are: Improve high school graduation rate by 5.6% over 3 years while closing existing gaps, improved MSCD’s ranking of #54 in the State of Florida in overall financial stability to #10 over a period of three-year Successful voter initiatives, restoring Collaborative Relationship with UTM, an improved Fund Balance and Improvement in district grade to an A, with all schools achieving an A or B.

Daliana is being recognized for her leadership during the spring semester and summer.  She created support groups for parents, teachers, and students that ensured our MCSD family that we are in this together. 

Sue Jolly was an instrumental member of our Horace O’Bryant family throughout the transition to our virtual experience.  She was present at the building every day handing out classroom supplies, delivering lunches, art projects, end of the year awards, yearbooks, and chrome books to our students.  She was there daily to encourage and support staff and families during the most challenging times.  She was recognized as the Support Staff of the year for her incredible dedication and commitment to our students.  She is truly an incredible and outstanding MCSD employee.

Erin provided community connections and resources during the pandemic to families and staff members.  She ensured that our hardest hit families had food and financial support.  She also made sure our students felt safe and loved!  Thank you for going above and beyond!