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Congrats MHS Cast of Alice in Wonderland!

Alice In Wonderland - Cast in order of Appearance
Acts Character Cast Understudy (TBD)
1-3 Alice Hannah Gracy  
1-3 White Rabbit Cameron Howe  
1-3 Queen of Hearts Mackenzie Helms  
1 *Mouse Calla Jimenez  
1 *Caterpillar Shannon Pitchford  
1 *Fish Footman John Sheagren  
1 *Frog Footman Charles Vaughn  
1-2 Duchess Bethany Roberts  
1-2 Cheshire Cat Anthony Proudnik  
1-2 March Hare Keygan Jeffries  
1-2 Mad Hatter Ariana Patterson  
1-2 Dormouse Ben Ryder  
2 **2 of Spades Mary Ryder  
2 ** 5 of Spades Dixie Murphy  
2 **7 of Spades Devyn Wenger  
2 **King of Hearts Jay Walters  
2 **Knave Owen Yacoe  
2 **Gryphon Ria Rodriguez  
2 **Mock Turtle Maggie Smithbower  
3 ***Red Queen Carlie Meehan  
3 ***Tweedledum Aaron Tipsword  
3 ***Tweedledee Josh Brown  
3 ***White Queen Zoe Voelliger  
3 ***Humpty Dumpty Sara Gonzales  
Non-speaking roles (may have group lines)
Act 1 – Herald – Max Trosi; Cook – Rachel Matthis
Pages, heralds, huntsmen etc): Kayleigh Reed, Amna Ibrahim, Dailianys Gonzalez, Destiny Story, Brother Yacoe
Deck of Cards: Paige Richard (Ace), Jordyn Wilson, Delaina Ross, Mia Trosi,
Act 2 - Flowers: Kendal Graves, Caden Rose, Sabrina Gordillo-Perez, Alyssa Story
Act 3: Walrus: Charles Vaughn, Oysters: Ashley Eick, Belle Zirkelbach, Carpenter: Brady Vandervoort
People desiring to be on stage as non-speaking roles can double as much as they are willing to rehearse and help with costuming- To be determined at rehearsals.  1st Read-thru Tues, September 20 in Ms. Cox’s room 2313.  2:45 Sharp