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Rehearsal Week of 10/10

UPDATES to this week's schedule. Unfortunately, I was incorrect about Monday being a holiday. So we can't start set building at noon. It will have to be after school from 2:45- til? Please all cast and crew come. We have alot of costume prep and organizing to do in addition to set building. Stay an hour or more. Mr. Tipsword will be coming about 5:30 to do some work on the platform aka Tableau Stage. Tuesday is Act 3 and set/costumes. Mr. Tipsword is coming again. Wednesday rehearsal will start at about 3:15. I have a gradebook manager's meeting prior. No rehearsal Thursday and Friday. Take that time to hit the pavement and sell those ads for the playbill. The files are attached below if you lost yours. Remember, we are asking that every student sell one page worth of ads - whether that is a full page, 2 half page, or 3 1/3 page. Let the businesses know that they get a discount buying for both shows now. This is how we pay for our playbill printing and props!!