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Congrats Cast and Crew of Great American Talent Show

Great American Talent Show – Cast and Crew
Character Cast Member Understudy                        
Sunny Brekinridge- host Shannon Pitchford Jay Walters
Chuckie Carlyle- comedian Anthony Proudnik  
Ellie Jordan – model Kayleigh Reed Hailie Gonzales
Giselle LeBeau – makeover Bethany Roberts  
Morgan Mayfield – singer Mary Ryder  
Freddy Soderstrom – band Josh Brown Megan Gross
Mary Jane  Paulson – IQ Sara Gonzales  
Arnie Toliver – impressionist Nicholas Antonelli  
Meridee Holliway – judge Clara Williams  
Connie Grover – judge Dayra Albernas  
Gerard Jamison Ben Ryder  
Intern Paige Richard  
Announcer Jay Walters  
Audience Plant Megan Gross  
Director Ariana Patterson  
Producer/Prompter Ms. Cox  
Stage Manager April Sullivan  
Light Technician River Fullhart  
Sound Technician John Sheagren  
Spotlight 1 Izzy Fryza  
Spotlight 2 Charles Vaughn  
Backstage/Mic Manager Myreen Roxas  
Backstage Right/Stage Crew Hailie Gonzales  
Backstage Left/Stage Crew Erick Clark  
Costume Manager    
Makeup Design Andie Devitt  
Makeup Crew    
Makeup Crew