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Congrats Cast and Crew of In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Cast and Crew
Character Cast Member                    
Diane Arnette – 20 yo daughter of a publisher Ariana Patterson Shannon Pitchford
Brad Kessler – 24yo  NYC stockbroker Jay Walters  
Dr Marvin Whitby – 45yo physician Ben Ryder  
Miss Amanda Carter – 70yo spinster Amber Romance  
Tony Patrillo – 23yo gangster Aaron Tipsword  
Adam Holmes – 48 yo butler Anthony Proudnik  
Director Ms. Cox  
Producer Shannon Pitchford  
Jos April Sullivan  
Light Technician River Fullhart  
Sound Technician John Sheagren  
Spotlight 1 Kayleigh Reed  
Spotlight 2 Josh Brown  
Backstage/Microphone Manager Myreen Roxas  
Backstage Right/Stage Crew Bethany Roberts  
Backstage Left/Stage Crew Erick Clark  
Costume Manager Clara Williams  
Makeup Design Andie Devitt  
Makeup Crew    
Makeup Crew    
Set Construction Crew                        All Thespians et al.