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Meal Service Location Updates

Monroe County Food Services will now have 10 drive-through locations for meal service.  The locations include:

  1. Poinciana Elementary
  2. Key Largo School
  3. Coral Shores High
  4. Marathon Middle/High
  5. Sugarloaf School
  6. Gerald Adams Elementary
  7. Horace O'Bryant School
  8. Key West High
  9. Big Pine Key Baptist Church
  10. Bernstein Park on Stock Island


Meals are available from 11:00am to 12:00pm. Children will receive a bagged meal containing a lunch and breakfast.

Meals will be offered to children 18 years and younger only. Children must be present to receive a meal.

Children do not have to go to their assigned schools. They can go to the nearest location on the list.

Adults will not be permitted to pick up meals without their children accompanying them.

Drive-through areas will be set up. Children will not be permitted to eat meals at the school.

Please refer to the Monroe County School District website for more information.