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Inclusion Teacher of the Year

Inclusion Teacher of the YearLisa Bush, from Poinciana Elementary, has been named as the Monroe County School District Inclusion Teacher of the Year. She teaches a K-3 self-contained classroom and works tirelessly to meet each individual students’ needs, providing them with engaging and rigorous instruction. As the lead teacher, Lisa collaborates with the support staff and therapists from our community agencies that come in to support the students. She implements creative activities, engages students in STEM experiments, and promotes inclusion within the community. Her dedication and compassion is inspiring, and she is a passionate advocate for her students. Congratulations to Lisa and all of the school level Inclusion Teachers of the Year!!

Meagan Smith - CSHS
Diana Walker - MHS
Marc Henry Pierre - KWHS
Wendi Sullivan - KLS
Jackie Patterson - PKS
Regina Calandra - SSE
Maryann Nelson - SLS
Michael Sommer - GAE