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Administrative team visits Tallahassee

group visits tallahasseeThe Monroe County School District was well represented in Tallahassee this week as members of the District team went to the capitol to speak to legislators about a $20,000,000 appropriation to move the administration building to The Bruce Hall building on United Street.

The move will facilitate the building of 90 units of affordable housing on Trumbo Point. Members of the team were Superintendent Theresa Axford, Deputy Superintendent Amber Acevedo, School Board Chair Andy Griffiths and Board Member Dr. Sue Woltanski.

The team met with several legislators and Superintendent Axford and Amber Acevedo met with the Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz. They also attended the Greater South  Florida Consortium of School Boards' Business Meeting and Dinner. Dr. Woltanski is President-elect of the Association. Chairman  Griffiths is a past president.