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Congressman Gimenez Visits MCSD

 Board member Mindy Conn, Lourdes Gimenez, Superintendent Theresa Axford, Congressman Carlos Gimenez.Congressman Carlos Gimenez visited with Superintendent Theresa Axford to discuss affordable housing for teachers and the predicament that Monroe County faces each day when hiring new teachers. Mrs. Axford thanked him for assisting with the abrogation of the .409 acre plot on Trumbo. He was able to bring the cost down from 1.8 million to $250,000 through working with the US Department of Education. He was accompanied by his wife Lourdes, a former teacher, principal, and Dade County Administrator. Mr. Gimenez’ staff was also in attendance. Mr. Gimenez did not confine his conversation to affordable housing alone, but also discussed the district’s interest in providing free lunch to all students along with a possible incentive for former educators to return to the classroom as volunteers to help with shortages. Mrs. Axford commented that, “It was a very productive meeting.” She looks forward to meetings in the future. School Board Member, Mindy Conn, a longtime friend of Mr. Gimenez, was also in attendance.