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Superintendent Axford Announces New Director of Assessment and Accountability

Dr. Lori Reid  Monroe County School District Superintendent Theresa Axford is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Lori Reid as the new Director of Assessment and Accountability.

“Dr. Reid is highly qualified for this position,”stated Axford.“Her understanding of student achievement data will support efforts in our schools to provide correct instruction to each student based on his or her needs.”

Dr. Reid brings a wealth of experience to this role, having served MCSD as the Instructional Materials and Technology Coordinator for the past year following her service in the Palm Beach County School District, where she was a Principal for 11 years at St. Lucie Public Schools. In addition, she has enriched the academic community as an Adjunct Professor at Florida Atlantic University and has a strong foundation in teaching and administration. Her academic achievements include a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, a Master's in the same field, and a Bachelor's in Elementary Education.   

 Throughout her career, Dr. Reid has honed her skills in data analysis and strategic decision making, developing a comprehensive background that supports accountability and informed educational environments.  “I am eager to collaborate with all members within the district in enhancing assessment strategies to measure and increase student achievement,” stated Reid.  We look forward to the innovative strategies and insights she will bring to her new role.