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Youth Mental Health Awareness Training

Monroe County School District, including both public and charter schools, completed the annual certification of Youth Mental Health Awareness Training with 90% of identified school personnel trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA).
Annually by July 1, each school district must certify to the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) that at least 80 percent of school personnel have received training in YMHFA using the Florida Department of Education’s 2024 job code list. This list is comprised of educators as well as support personnel who regularly connect with our students including paraprofessionals, school cafeteria staff, and bus operators.
“This is a very useable training for our staff that supports both work and personal lives,” shared Daliana Goins, MCSD’s Threat Management and Mental Health/YMHFA Coordinator. “One of my most favorites to conduct, YMHFA helps us all to remain vigilant and alert for signs of our youth in need, mentally as well as physically. It also helps to remind us to care for others by connecting them with resources that support mental wellness while making a point to remember to also care for one’s self and to seek personal support when needed.”
MCSD is grateful for the continued efforts of our YMHFA Instructors this school year – Daliana Goins, Jennifer Bassett, Marissa Means, Melissa Alsobrooks, Nichole Gelabert, and Jacqueline Ravelo. Thank you, Team!