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Athletes and Partners from Monroe to Compete in Special Olympics Florida 2019 Summer Games

May 18-19, (ESPN Wide World of Sports, Orlando) –  A delegation of 78 will be representing Monroe County at Special Olympics Florida 2019 Summer Games in various venues at ESPN Wide World of Sports. 40 Athletes and Unified Partners will compete in Unified Soccer, Unified Cheerleading, Cycling and Bocce. 5 Monroe County Schools (HOB, KWHS, MHS, KLS, CSH) and Florida Keys Community College will be represented in events for Bocce, Cycling, Soccer and Cheerleading. This is the largest delegation that has ever attended the Special Olympics Florida State Summer Games.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
700 South Victory Way
Lake Buena Vista, FL 34747

Teams from Monroe County are:

  • Bocce- Unified Doubles- Parker Curry and India Hall (HOB School) Derrick Medina and Camren Watson (Key West High School), Amanda Kirkman (MARC) and Georgianna Skinner- Community Program, Traditional Doubles- Charleslyn Martin (KWHS/TIES Program) and Serina Seahorn (MARC)
  • Cycling- Unified Tandem 5K- Jennifer Averette and Jo Mary Fenney, Vincent Janecka (MHS) 500m and 1K, Ray Moreno (KWHS/TIES Program) 2K, Colin Grossman (KWHS) 500M and 1K
  • Key Largo Tornados Unified Soccer Team- Jericho Lalanne, Zergio Ornelas, Kailee Reinoso, Jenna Castillo, Andrea Barrios, Jourdynn Moises, Caleb Mathis, Connor Dixon, Jessie Lalanne
  • Coral Shores Hurricanes Unified Soccer Team- Sophia Gonzales, Lucia Rodriguez, Riley Dobson, Peter Reinoso, Samantha Bailor, Jean-Julian Biadet, Will Mutz, Kailee Stocky, Natalia Gonzales, Jason Castillo
  • Florida Keys Community College- Keys Cheer- Unified Cheerleading Team – Hailey Nelson, Amber Russell, Yassah Dudley, Kayla Burnham, Shalevete Sanchez, Emily Walker

Head Coaches

  • Bocce- Laurie and Mike Dunn- Community Program, Samantha Hall –HOB, David Erhard –KWHS
  • Cycling- William Anderson – Community Program
  • Unified Soccer- Jordan Lombard- KLS, Pedro Reinoso- CSH
  • Unified Cheerleading- Latara Williams

Full Schedule of events can be found at


About Special Olympics Florida Monroe County

Special Olympics Florida Monroe County provides year-round sports training, competition, and health services to children and adults with intellectual disabilities, at no cost to the athletes or their caregivers, as a means to achieve physical fitness, self-esteem, socialization skills, and the life skills necessary to be productive, respected, and contributing members of their communities. To learn more, visit