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Key Largo Middle School Student Earns First Microsoft Certification This Year



Monroe students earn 190 certifications year to date!



MONROE COUNTY, Fla. – “Valerie Randall, Key Largo School 8th grader, is the first student in Monroe County to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification during this school year.” announced her teacher Ms. Michele Barry.  “Randall took less than two months to earn all three components of the MOS certification: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.”


“Monroe’s students earned 122 MOS certifications last year,” according to Theresa Axford, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning.  “Given the enthusiasm among the middle and high school students taking these classes, we expect even more MOS certifications this year.”  In addition to an industry certification, students earning an MOS will also receive three college credits and $250 in <Monroe /> COMPUTE$ incentives. 


Horace O’Bryant middle school students in Lisa Castillo’s technology classes led the pack with 29 IC3 Digital Literacy certifications.  “Monroe students earned 190 industry certifications so far this year,” said Sibba Mira, Career and Technical Education Coordinator, who noted that the district has added new certification opportunities for all students in grades 4-12.


Coral Shores High School students Matthew Darrow and Brandon Harrison each earned Microsoft Technology Associate programing certifications, which have been imbedded in various courses at all three high schools.  These cutting-edge industry programming certifications are offered in Internet Technology courses, as well as AP Computer Science courses.  The students also earned <Monroe /> COMPUTE$ incentives for their efforts.


“Industry certifications are no longer limited to standard IT courses,” explained Superintendent Mark Porter. “We are continuing to imbed certification opportunities across all curriculums, giving more students the ability to add value to their educational experience and compete in today’s technology driven global market.”