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MONROE COMPUTES Prizes Hit $25,000 Mark

MCSD Middle School Students Earn Microsoft Certifications in Record Numbers

“Students in grades 4-12 in all Monroe County schools have the opportunity to earn industry computer science certifications in Microsoft, Adobe, AutoCAD, IC3 Digital Literacy and many more,” said MCSD Career and Technical Education Coordinator, Sibba Mira. “ <Monroe /> COMPUTE$ awards each student with cash incentives from $50 to $250, depending on the difficulty of the certification.  The incentives motivate the students to earn as many certifications as possible.”  

“A total of 336 prizes worth nearly $25,000 have been earned by our students so far this year,” Superintendent Mark Porter said. “We anticipate a large increase in the third quarter of the school year.”  

“I’m thrilled watching students studying at their own pace and earning multiple certificates,” explained John Padget, founder of the Golden Fleece Foundation that supports <Monroe /> COMPUTE$.   The mission of the Golden Fleece Foundation, founded by Padget and Jacob Dekker, is to “enable transformations” in education.

Plantation Key School Picture (L to R): MCSD Board Member Sue Woltanski, Cole Davis, Monroe Computes founder, John Padget, Logan Sena, Brookelyn Zlockie, instructor, Aimee Gilman, Ashton Prosek, Ambrose Sanchez, Ignacio Arias, Enzo Blanco, and Elias DeLaTorre.

Sugarloaf School bottom picture: Students recognized, Brian Nodal, Claudia Mendez, Alexia Williams, Bridgette Sweeney, Gracie Lechnar, Naomi Johnson, Dylan Meyer, Arlo Creighton, Dylan Meyer,  J-Lan Gregoire, Christopher Taber,  Jake Dale, Kevin Henderson, Summer Livengood. Also picture Mr. Roy CTE teacher, Ms. Lanier AP and Mr. Jogn Padget