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MCSD STUDENTS COMPETE IN DISTRICT STEM FAIR. Middle and High School Winners Headed to State Competition

“This year’s STEM fair was the most attended and competitive to date,” stated MCSD Science Coordinator, Melissa Alsobrooks.  “Our schools did an amazing job of working with our students on ambitious and creative projects.  The judges had a very difficult time choosing from so many quality exhibitions.” 

 Judges from Florida International University, Dolphin Research Center, College of the Florida Keys, and other community organizations were on hand to evaluate the projects based on research methods and procedures, data analysis, and communication and presentation skills.

 With STEM careers in high demand in today’s global market place, the goal of the fair is to introduce more students to career opportunities in STEM related fields, as well as to help them develop critical problem solving skills necessary for college and career readiness” said MCSD Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Theresa Axford, who attended the event, along with parents, school board members, and community leaders.  “The skills learned while working on their STEM projects, such as questioning, analyzing and communicating, transcend to all areas of their educational experience.”

Junior winners William Stolze and Edward Strunk are excited to take their Biometric Interface Internal Locking System project, which combines coding and engineering, to the state competition next month.  “We are looking forward to meeting new people and seeing how our project compares to the best across the state,” Strunk said.

 More than 900 students from across Florida compete in the State Science and Engineering Fair STEM Competition. Students have an opportunity to win $1.2 million in awards, prizes, scholarships and internships. The top senior projects will advance to the Intel International Science and Engineering (ISEF) STEM Competition. 

 Some additional Photographs from the event. Photographs courtesy of Jill Zima Borski/Key West Citizen

High school stem fair participants and their project  High school boys with their stemfair project  Female High School stem fair student and her project  Numerous students at 2020 stem fair in front of their projects


Top Qualifiers

State Qualifiers-Junior (Middle School)-Travel to state




Project Title


Hannah Atilla

Maglev Interference

Treasure Village Montessori

Sydney Eysenbach


Key Largo School

Robert Aleman

Does Bisphenol A (BPA) leak into soil when heated?

Sigsbee Charter

William Stolze, Edward Strunk

Biometric Interface System for Locking Shipping Container


State Qualifiers-Senior (High School)-Travel to state




Project Title

Marathon High School

Katerina Nikiforova

Elemental Battle

Coral Shores High School

Bernardo Burga

Assessing and Qualifying the Effects on Ocean Acidification on Coral Skeletons

Key West High School

Nina Bowen

The Effects of High Concentrations of Nitrates and Phosphates in our Fertilizer

Coral Shores High School

Colton Snodgrass, Roy Lindback II

How Casuarina Affect Water Acidity


Top 4 Elementary Projects (do not travel to state)




Project Title

Treasure Village Montessori

Isabella Harrington, Bethmarie Diaz


Sugarloaf School

Alexander Behler

Does a rocket go higher with a large engine even though it adds weight to the rocket?

Ocean Studies Charter

Manolo Gudino

How do fish respond to sound vibration?

Sigsbee Charter

Samantha Ellis

Positively Attracted