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Grow Our Own program for employees

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The Monroe County School District, like many Florida Keys businesses and government agencies, faces a continuing difficulty finding qualified employees for professional positions within the district. What better way to fill these internal positions than encouraging current employees to expand their educational horizons?

With that goal in mind, Superintendent Theresa Axford has established a professional delopment program aimed at helping current employees to further their education and obtain a college degree.

The new “Grow Our Own” program, or GO2 ,  is a local effort to give employees the opportunity to earn college degrees in their area of specialty.  Whether it is earning an education, finance, or human resources degree, or vocational or technical certification, the district wants to invest in its employees and help build a stable workforce of local talent.

For more information about GO2,  contact Harry Russell, Executive Director- Personnel Support and Instructional Leadership, at: or call 305-293-1400 ext. 53329.

“What could be better for our district and our students than to encourage and assist our own employees in their goals of attaining a degree,” said Superintendent Axford. “Investing in our own, and giving our students a chance to see the educational process work, would be a winning situation for us all and would be a dream come true for me.”


  • A regular full-time MCSD employee who has one or more years of continuous service
  • Degree or course must be business or job related
  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree, or a Technical/Vocational Program
  • Passing grade of “C” or better
  • Up to $5,000 per fiscal year for tuition, books and supplies