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Monroe County School District to Launch Monroe Occupation and Vocational Experiences (MOVE) for the 2021-2022 School Year

MONROE COUNTY, Fla. – Monroe County School District (MCSD) high school students will have the opportunity to participate in a new career internship program next school year, according to Superintendent Theresa Axford.  Monroe Occupation and Vocational Experiences (MOVE) is a partnership between the MCSD and community businesses to provide career training for high school juniors and seniors in various fields.  Students can choose from several program options, including school based Executive Internships and paid internships with local Corporate Partners. 

 MOVE school-based Executive Internships will provide students interested in gaining skills and experiences in a school-related occupational area such as Information Technology, Food Services, Maintenance, Transportation, Health Careers, and overall business operations, the ability to attend one class period per day in a school site department.  Mentors in each department will guide students through the career exploration experience with hands-on training opportunities.

 The MOVE Corporate Partners program matches community businesses with skilled students who have an interest in gaining meaningful work experience in a career field.  In addition to career training and exploration, students receive compensation for working off-site in local businesses.  Corporate Partners also gain from participation in the MOVE program.  Benefits include attracting qualified, career-oriented applicants to fill areas of need, as well as the ability to train students before they officially enter the workforce, thus reducing the cost of training new employees and reducing employee turnover.

 The MOVE program will also align with the College of the Florida Keys to offer post-secondary Apprenticeship and Certificate programs for students interested in fields such as Construction, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Culinary and more.

 Both the school-based Executive Internships and the Corporate Partner paid internships count towards school credit for graduation.  Whether the student has plans to enter the workforce right after graduation or continue their post-secondary education, the MOVE program is beneficial to all students, according to Superintendent Theresa Axford. “On-the-job training, combined with related instruction will result in the students attaining the occupational and academic mastery to be ready after graduation.”

 More information on the MOVE program and how businesses can partner in the program can found at MOVE Website.