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Social Emotional Learning Program

During the month of September, our SEL focus for all students in grades K-12 is on goal setting. We are teaching students to identify something they want to accomplish and establish measurable objectives and a timeframe to get there. Setting goals is a great way to start off the new school year. In week one, they will receive a challenge from Olympic gold medalist Christian Taylor to identify their goals and develop a plan. In week two, they will break down the goal-setting process with Olympian Josh Levin. In week three, six-time Para Olympic medalist Dan Cnossen will check in with them on their progress and provide tips to overcome any hurdles they may have run into. In week four, MCSD challenges our teaching staff to spend some time getting to know their students on a personal level and learn about their interests outside of school. While all of this is going on inside of school, Olympic gold medalist Nikki Stone has a special video message to parents/guardians about how parents can help their children understand the importance of goal setting, and there are activities you can do at home that support this learning.  Click on the link below to connect to the home activities and more information.