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Band Volunteer Directions

 The directions below are for signing up to help with band fundraisers, field trips, and other activities.  We can always use the help!  Charms, the link to the right on this page and below, helps us organize event volunteers so we have the right amount of help.  You can always check to see if we still need help or not by selecting the event/date.
*All adult volunteers need to be approved as Level I volunteers by completing the application process located at: .  Overnight trips require Level II clearance, individuals chaperoning these trips will need to complete the fingerprinting process with MCSD, you must contact to arrange for an appointment/approval first.*

To view and sign up for all volunteer opportunities, please visit:


2. Type in KeyWestHSBand (as the school code) and click or hit enter. 

3. Click on the “Volunteer Needs” tab. 

4. Select the event from the drop down menu and click “Show Volunteer Needs” (you DO NOT need to log in, although you may do so with a student lunch number). 

5. Type in your name, email, and phone number in the box of your desired position and time period(s).  Be sure to click "Sign Up" to the right.  Only event organizers will be able to see all of your information.

6. Reload the page in the web browser to see if it submitted.

7. Show up at the time and location of the event you signed up for. 

Thank you for your help!!!
The Band Boosters and Gary Hernandez