Employee Spotlight: Jocelyn Cabrera, Project Specialist

Employee Spotlight: Jocelyn Cabrera, Project SpecialistJocelyn has a hectic role in the Facilities Planning department where they are responsible for all the wonderful new construction within our schools and for our athletics programs. We asked her what hobbies she enjoys in order to let down from her busy work week and like a true Keys gal she says, “going out on the boat!” How about her top 5 favorites list? Number one – being a mom. She also loves spending time with her family, traveling, boating, and getting together with friends. We also asked her to tell us about her favorite food and she responded, “does Reese’s count?” Hahaha… Yes they do, but you have to share them with your family and friends! Lastly we asked why she likes working for MCSD and Jocelyn tells us, “… it has allowed me to witness the amazing work and relationships between teachers, students, and all staff.”