Employee Spotlight: Barry Schultz

Employee Spotlight: Barry SchultzBarry is kept busy at school working in a varying exceptionality classroom which is an important part of an inclusion classroom. He has a great selection of hobbies that allows him to catch his breath after his week such as doing home improvement projects, swimming, and watching sports. He says he loves “yelling for the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas Jayhawks!” How about his other favorite things? Barry tells us that he loves quality time with his family, coaching sports, driving his truck while listening to 80’s music, ordering “important stuff” on Amazon (hehehe…), and enjoying a quiet beverage while relaxing by his swimming pool. Does Barry have a favorite food? He says he enjoys a nicely grilled steak along-side some fresh Keys pinks! Lastly, we asked Barry why he likes working for MCSD and he tells us, “The students, parents, school staff and administrators are all great. Plus there is no snow or ice in the Keys!”