Art Extravaganza!

unicorn cartoon phtoto






Date: Thursday, May 3rd from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm


Gallery Walk

The students have three works of art being displayed in the art show. Make sure to walk around the entire school to see all of the creative projects.


Artist of the Year Show

Two students will be chosen for the Artist of the Year. This award is given to students that have shown their love for art through their exemplary projects, work ethic, and creativity that they have shown throughout elementary school. They will receive a special art trophy and will get their artwork put on permanent display at GAE. This show will begin at 6;00 PM before the musical performance in the cafeteria.

Fantasy Land Installation

Each student created a fantasy themed art project throughout the year.  They used neon colors to create their artwork.  For the art show, we gathered all of those art projects and transformed the stage to become a magical Fantasy Land installation.  Come experience a new look on artwork!


Pet Rocks

Have you always wanted a pet?  Well come make your very own Pet Rock!  You get to use your creativity and design exactly how you want your pet rock to look like.


Photo Booth / Picture Cut Outs

Bring your friends and family to take a memorable photo of the Art Extravaganza. Watch and see how the photograph turns into a painting by using a fun iPad App. Also there will be famous works of art throughout the ages that you can put your face in, snap a photo, and become a part of the masterpiece.


Whole School Mural

Help make a work of art for our new school! We will be creating a mural that will become a beautiful art piece for the new school in the future. Located in the Art Room.


3D Printers

In the art room there will be the new 3D printers creating 3 dimensional artwork using technology. A big THANK YOU to the CFFFK Community Foundation of the Florida Keys for awarding the art room the grant to purchase the 3D Printers for the students to use in the future!


Guest Artists

There will be guest artists around the school creating artwork.  This is a great way for the students to observe a professional artist at work.


Special Dinner / Musical Performance

There will be a Dinner to help fundraise for the Art Program. Come purchase a delicious meal and enjoy the GAE Choir sing. Located in the Cafeteria.


If you are interested in volunteering for the Art Extravaganza, please contact me:    305-293-1400 ext. 51340