Pledge to Respect

Pledge to Respect

students pledging respect

2019 Gerald Adams Dolphins Special Olympics Bocce Players and Unified partners sponsored The Pledge to Respect Booth.  They invited students to Pledge to Respect and then sign the Pledge Poster.  They also held  a drawing for PLEDGE TO RESPECT shirts and bracelets, along with a candy treat !

This program is sponsored by Project Unify. Project Unify is a sports and education program that partners students with and without disabilities to create a more inclusive school environment where students are able to work together, excel athletically and academically regardless of ability.

The PLEDGE TO RESPECT booth provided an opportunity to discuss with students the importance of respecting everyone as a unique individual, no matter what their differences (academic, athletic, and physical abilities) as well as race, color, or ethnicity.

Students did a great job helping  to create a more socially inclusive school environment.