Start With Hello


start with hello

Students will be working to make GAE a safe and fun place to learn by practicing how to be inclusive.  Students in K-5 are invited to participate in the following activities for the week! 


Monday, September 23

Grades 2-5 assembly to kick off SWHW

Students in club will greet other students at the doors to welcome them to Start With Hello Week..


Student Assembly

9:00: 2-3

9:45: 4-5


Wear YELLOW to kick a week full of sunshine.

Tuesday, September 24

Social Media Day

    A photo booth will be set up in the main area with a big poster with the word kind on it.  Students will pose as the I in kind.  “Be the I in kind.”


SWH Club will meet in Millender’s room at 7:45-8:15 for Start With Hello.



Make rocks with kind sayings on them and pass them out during lunch. 



Wednesday, September 25

Dad’s to School day


Donuts for Dad.  Fathers and father figures are welcome to come to school to show the importance of community and being involved.


We will continue to take photos.  Students will pose for the I in Kind.


Share a book with someone new in your class.


Thursday, September 26

Name Chain


Each class will get yellow and green strips of paper. Students and staff will put their name on a strip.  We will connect the chain together and hang it in the school to show how we are all connected as a community. .


September 27

Say Hello with a Book

  Make an individual or group poster modeling what “Start With Hello” should look like.


Read with someone new in class.