Coral Shores High School
    89901 Old Hwy
    Tavernier, FL 33070
    Phone: 305-853-3222
    Fax: 305-853-3228
    Register: Julia Eastby

    Email: Julia.Eastby@keysschools.com

    1: Withdraw your student from current school
    2: Bring the following documents: 
    • Birth Certificate(copy)
    • Social Security Card(copy)
    • Florida State Physical
    • Immunization Record on Florida 680 Form
    • To transfer out-of-state immunization records, please visit:

      Florida Department of Health (Roth Building)

                      50 High Point Road

                      Tavernier, FL 33070

                      Phone: 305.293.7500

    • Proof of residence in Monroe County  (Example: Utility Bill, Lease, etc..)‚Äč
    • Custody Paperwork if Applicable    Parental Consent for Student Residence Form
    • Complete Registration Packet  (click link for packet) and Updated Student Residency Questionnaire

    In order for us to place your student in the proper classes is important that you bring all possible grades earned prior to arrival here. This can be in form of an unofficial transcript or an official transcript in a sealed envelope.

    If your student attends any special education classes or receives accommodations, please bring your most current IEP report or 504 Plan documentation.